Franchise Equalizers

About Us

Franchise Equalizers was conceived by Bruce Holzman, a franchise professional with over 25 years experience in the franchising industry. After working with well known brands such as Dairy Queen and Friendly's, he decided to help new and emerging franchise brands develop and maximize their sales programs.

During this time, Bruce realized that far too many franchise buyers were making their largest ever investment, but did not comprehend what they were signing up for. They were making an emotional decision without fully understanding the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) which specifies everybody's responsibilities and obligations. Every franchise insider will tell you that the glossy brochures and nice salespeople don't matter. It's what is in the disclosure document that rules!

Although there are franchise "consultants" and "brokers" who will guide candidates through the process at no up-front cost to the buyer, the fact that their commissions are paid by the franchise itself means they are not looking out for you. If you don't buy a franchise, they don't make any money.

Franchise Equalizers is the only trusted advisor whose sole mission is helping you, the franchise buyer. They sell franchises every day. You buy once in a lifetime. They have the advantage! Let our 25 years of franchise experience give you, the franchise buyer, the advantage!